Main Street Esport have signed a H1Z1 team.

MSE are now active in CS:GO, ROCKET LEAGUE and now also H1Z1! Stay tuned: New teams in different games will be added soon!
Words from r0tteNburq:

We are extremely happy to have been given the opportunity to play for Main Street Esport.
This is a dream for every player that is working their way into the H1Z1 top scene.
Our main goal for MSE is to qualify for the Dreamhack Sweden 2017, but also qualify for the H1Z1 Private Servers on BattleRoyaleLeague and RevengeEU.
We are so excited for the upcoming time in MSE with lot of Bootcamps, Scrims, Tourneys and in the end it will give us lot of success.
Together with the MSE team, I strongly believe we’ll reach the top.


The new H1Z1 roster:

  • Anton “CrizzpY” Bauer
  • Daniel “r0tteNburq” Hansen
  • Lasse “Yankie” Vontillius
  • Emil “FR11S” Friis
  • Rasmus “HYZZ” Poulsen