1. MSE in the Dust2 MASTERS #14 semifinale
  2. MSE wins King of Nordic
  3. MSE wins EMASTERS #1
  4. alexsomfan MVP of Dust2 Masters #13
  5. MSE wins Dust2 Masters #13

History of Main Street eSport

October 2016
The idea of starting a CS:GO team started
All the owners of MSE are former Counter-Strike 1.0 - 1.6 gamers, in December 2016, after we forgot all about the game, we saw it for the first time in television and remembered how much we loved this game. The idea was born - this led to us wanted to start our own team, we used our contacts from the business life and landed a deal of a lifetime! The rest is history.
December 2016
Headquarter & bootcamp facility
In the cold December of 2016, we invested in the facilities which in the near future will be the "home" of Main Street eSport.
March 2017
The organization is formed
This date we signed the deal with Main Street Tattoo and the adventure started here
March 2017
Main Street eSport announces CS:GO team
The new Counter-Strike Global Offensive team is announced
April 2017
Wins POWER Challenger #9
MSE wins the first tournament - POWER Challenger #9
September 2017
MSE sings new CS:GO team
thamlike Vazor arNolder Alexsomfan wusung
September-October 2017
MSE wins 3 tournaments in a row
MSE wins Dust2 Masters #13 - EMASTERS #1 and King of Nordic S08E09

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