Follow Main Street eSport LIVE tonight in Dust2 MASTERS!

Our first game will be against eFuture at 18:30 o clock, they are currently sitting at number 6 on the Danish top10 list! Next game will be played at 19:45 and here we are facing Alpha or Forcebuy

 Tidspunkt   Gruppe A Map Resultat
18:30 eFuture vs. Main Street eSport BO1 Dust2tv
18:30 Forcebuy vs. Alpha BO1 Dust2tv2
19:45 Vinder kamp #1 vs. Vinder kamp #2 BO1 Dust2tv
19:45 Taber kamp #1 vs. Taber kamp #2 BO1 Dust2tv2
21:00 Taber kamp #3 vs. Vinder kamp #4 BO3 Dust2tv