1. MSE in the Dust2 MASTERS #14 semifinale
  2. MSE wins King of Nordic
  3. MSE wins EMASTERS #1
  4. alexsomfan MVP of Dust2 Masters #13
  5. MSE wins Dust2 Masters #13



Main Street eSport is looking for a coach for our Counter-Strike Global Offensive team.

We are looking for someone with the right experience who will thrive on making the team better at all cost, all while working closely with the manager & team owners on a daily basis.

Your biggest asset is teaching the team new tactics while still improving old tactics as they get know by our opponents – you need to be obsessed with optimizing the tactics to keep it fresh. Another aspect is keeping the team happy while playing together and maintaining a high morale among the players. You should also be able to suggest the right roles for the right players. It would definitely also be a plus if scouting new upcoming players are among your talents.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Making tactics and coaching the team.
  • Making up new and improving old tactics.
  • Figure out what is really working, and what’s not.
  • Manage to keep a high morale within the lineup.
  • Help identify the player roles in the team.
  • Scouting upcoming talents.
  • Utilize players strength and weaknesses.
  • Collaborate with the owners and other staff.
  • Making training schedule for the team, and ensuring the players are present.
  • Practice with the new.
  • Arranging the required bootcamps for the team.


  • You speak fluent in the language Danish/English.
  • You are a competent teacher.
  • Experience with the coaching role or a former profiled player with experience from the game.
  • Strong tactical skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Being able to attend bootcamp/tournemants with the team.


  • Fixed salary.
  • Opportunity for bonus arrangements.
  • Danløn,ATP,Feriekonto.
  • All expenses paid at bootcamp & tournaments.
  • A change to be part of a professional environment witch include owners, team, team manager & sales manager.
  • You’ll be part of a organization with experience from the business world, who currently have 22 employees.