1. MSE in the Dust2 MASTERS #14 semifinale
  2. MSE wins King of Nordic
  3. MSE wins EMASTERS #1
  4. alexsomfan MVP of Dust2 Masters #13
  5. MSE wins Dust2 Masters #13


We are one of Denmarks biggest tattoo chains, we feel a deep desire to join eSport especially at the this present moment. Indeed we do also see this as a very big opportunity to get good advertisement for our brand “Main Street Tattoo” We invest in this project with the ambitions to help this organization to be a powerhouse in the Danish CS: GO scene for the future to come.


Coach`s Words

We feel that we have found a lineup with alot of potential, this for us means that we have to play this team together and improve our map pool. We took the next step and started searching for an organization who is able to back us up in any giving moment, we found this in Main Street eSport. They have same big ambitions as us, and we think this is the right "home" for us to fulfill our potential.

Business model

Our name is not a coincidence, it is the name of our investor, without this name we wouldn’t be a organization of this magnitude

  • MSE Is a independent company.
  • Main Street Tattoo is the main investor of the organization.

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